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Price List

Price List

We are a medical practice and as such strive to offer you treatments that actually have proven benefits for the condition/s being treated and at affordable prices. The cost of each form of treatment varies widely as does the number of treatment sessions required to optimally treat the condition. Please note that it is not always possible to give you precise treatment prices without properly assessing the extent of the problem and determining the most effective form of treatment/s for it. The price list offers you an indication about the costs involved in a treatment at CapeMAC, listed prices are a guide to the procedure costs. The final fee/costs for the procedure will be discussed with you at your consultation. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr Bagwandeen who will further assess your concerns and suggest an appropriate plan specific for you.
We hope that the information contained in the price list is of assistance to you and hope to see you soon at CapeMAC so that we can assist you further.





Computer Facial Analysis

Free     “Facial Stage” analysis


Computer Body Analysis

R150     “InBody” analysis


Deep Laser Prices

“YouLaser” CO2 Laser. Done under conscious sedation and topical anaesthetic.

R7500 – R9000     Full Face

R2000 – R2500     Forehead

R6000     Décolleté

R7000     Hands (for both)

R1200 – R10`000     Scars, depending on size and depth of scarring

Facial Medical Peels Prices

R550       Medical Level A.H.A. Peels
R2500     Medical Level A.H.A. Peels – Full Body
R750       Modified Jessners Peel

R900       Medical Peels TCA 10%
R1050     Medical Peels TCA 15%
R1200     Medical Peels TCA 20%

R1250     Cosmo Peels

Obagi Blue Peels® RADIANCE – Price on Request

R4000     Obagi Blue Peels® Preparation Kit
R5000     Obagi Blue Peels® Deep Peel

SILHOUETTE SOFT “Non-Surgical Facelift” Price

R5000 – R20’000 per treatment depending on the amount of suture threads used and the area treated.

HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Price

For eye area, eye bags:

Price subject to an assessment.


Wrinkle Reducing Injections Prices


Botulinum Toxin A     R80 per unit

R780 – R1170    Lines around eyes (Crows Feet)

R520 – R780      Forehead lines

R585 – R1200    Glabellar lines (between eyes/above nose)

R340 – R520      Bunny lines

R260 – R400      Gummy smile

R3250 – R6500  Hyperhidrosis (Sweating on armpits/hands)

Skin Rejuvenation Injections Prices


Dermal Fillers     R1000 – R3500 per syringe

Price depending on the type of filler used and the area treated.

For example, sunken tear troughs treated with Restylane®     R2450

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Prices

R150 per lesion – CryoPen


Laser Tattoo Removal Prices

Price subject to an assessment; depends on the size, colour and depth of the tattoo.

Skin Microneedling Prices


From R950 per session – Basic Rejuvapen (Face & Neck)

From R1400 per session – Specialised Serum Rejuvapen

From R2800 per session – PRP with Rejuvapen

From R250 per session – Add Decollette



From R950 per session – Superficial treatment + 2 serums applied
From R1450 per session – Deep treatment under topical anaesthetic applied + 2 serums +recovery cream

Mole Removal Prices

R250 per mole – Liquid Nitrogen for smaller, non-suspicious moles

R1000 per mole – Surgical Removal; mole/s can be sent off to the lab for microscopic analysis after removal


Hair Removal with the new painless Diode Laser

R250 – R2800 per session – price depending on the treated area/s.

For our prices for the new painless hair removal with the Diode Laser please click here.

Hair Removal with IPL

R150 – R2800 per session – price depending on the treated area/s.

For our prices for IPL Hair Removal please click here.

Hair Restauration / Hair Transplants Prices

R1250 per session – Mesotherapy and Serums

R26`000 – R40`000 per session – F.U.E. Surgical Hair Transplants “MEDICAMAT


Liposculpture / Liposuction*

R30`000 – R40`000 – “Body Jet” Liposculpture and “Euromi EVA Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction”, price per treatment session depending on the area and volume of fat to be removed


Autologous Fat Transfer

Price per treatment session depending on the area and volume of fat to be removed. Please contact us.

Vaginal Enhancements – Feminine Rejuvenation*

  • Laser or HIFU for inner vaginal tightening and mild urinary incontinence: +/- R10’000 per session. 3 sessions are required.
  • Labial enhancement with filler: +/- R6000
  • Labial/Lips bleaching: +/- R1800 per session
  • G-spot enhancement with filler and/or PRP: +/- R4900
  • Treatment of post menopause – GSM: Please contact us.
  • Post delivery rehabilitation: Please contact us.
  • Re-filling or etching ridges on the inside walls of the vagina: Please contact us.

Cavitational Ultrasound Lipolysis Prices

R500 per session – “GELEX”


Cellulite Treatment Prices

R1250 per syringe – Lypolytic Injection Cocktails

R500 per syringe – Ultrasound Cavitational Treatment

R400 per hour – “ALICE” slimming machine sessions

R250 per 30-minute treatment – “AEROFAT”



R450 per treated area and session – “Quad”



R1250 per syringe used

*The prices listed are merely a guide to the procedure costs. The final fee/costs for the procedure will be discussed with you during your consultation.


Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments Prices

R1450 per session – Sclerotherapy

R450 – R2000 per session – IPL

R850 – R3000 per session – 1064 Laser

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